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Diese basiert auf wissenschaftlichen Studien aus 40 Jahren akademischer Erforschung der Finanzmärkte. Dem Leser wird verständlich vermittelt, wie er fundamentale Erkenntnisse von Wirtschaftsnobelpreisträgern einfach in die Praxis umsetzt - mit viel weniger Arbeit und viel weniger Stress als durch die üblichen in der Finanzbrache propagierten Methoden und Produkte.

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Ein exzellenter Ratgeber für jeden, der langfristig und systematisch Vermögen bilden möchte. Richtig ist die Kernaussage, dass die Mehrheit der Fondsmanager mit Aktivmanagement den Markt nicht schlagen kann.

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Das Plädoyer der Verfasser für das Passivmanagement ist sehr gut nachvollziehbar. Mit der Auswahl der Märkte, in denen passiv investiert werden soll, hat ein Privatinvestor dann auch noch mehr als genug zu tun.

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Frank W. Man merkt, es ist mit viel Herzblut und Engagement geschrieben. Deshalb werden die Leser auch mitgerissen.

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Es ist einfach zu lesen und war auch invest money safely mich bereits sehr lehrreich. Für Anleger wird es sicherlich sehr hilfreich sein - besonders in schwierigen Zeiten. Does the investor still trust his banker or his advisor?

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Who should he consult? What are his alternatives?

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The authors have worked for many years with private clients both in Swiss and international banks. In this book they explain invest money safely to avoid the traps of the financial services industry and how to invest in peace of mind.

Read this book before you invest another Euro in anything. It will be most useful for his future! It shows the path to profit from greater returns at lower risk.

Q&A: David Lerner; Advocating a 'Safe' Route in Investment

Incompetent advisors will ignore this book as they are ignoring all conclusions from academic studies on financial markets. Dishonest advisors will disregard the usefulness of this book as they disregard the interests of invest money safely clients.

In any case, this is a starting point for a constructive and intelligent discussion with all competent and honest advisors.

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Invest money safely the invest money safely reader, every single point is invest money safely up with a reference to the academic evidence. The guidance leads the reader away from the dangers of risky speculation towards a realistic and successful investment strategy. It is amazing that powerful empirical evidence is not used more often in such publications.

A success of simplification invest money safely distortion.

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It also shows an alternative that can be simple invest money safely attractive for many. This book made a convincing case for rejecting the traditional management approach of invoicing fees that condemn you to net returns well below the market.

The Technical Notes section at the end is particularly interesting.

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I would heartily recommend this top binary options managed accounts to anyone with a bit of money right up to the mega-rich. Even those without financial expertise will very quickly understand the subject.

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The book is very well structured; kudos to the two authors for all their research work, which allowed them to explain sometimes complex procedures simply and clearly.

The authors deserve a round of applause for having invest money safely the courage to confront certain taboos through invest money safely and information. This book may not make you more intelligent, but it will certainly keep you from being duped!

I only wish that they would keep it at their bedsides to consult it and learn from it, especially considering that it is HIGH time to admit that clients cannot keep being the cash cows for a system that is corrupt and opaque, even obsolete! Thanks to both of you for this honest and topical account.


Now I meet them knowing that I am the client and that I have the right to require that they work for me. Thank you for helping me to regain control. It also lends support to my initial gut feeling of being betrayed and cheated. This book has given me the courage invest money safely continue with my own investment strategy and reinforces my skepticism about the investment advice of the banks.

There are serious conflicts of interest, deceptive marketing, and an underlying greed that robs the individual of the clarity necessary to make wise investment choices.

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This book will give the reader a good kick off towards taking control of their investments and making wise and educated decisions.

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