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Oct 31, at AM Author Bio I think stock investors can benefit by analyzing a company with a credit investors' mentality -- rule out the downside and the upside takes care of itself.

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Send me an email by clicking hereor tweet me. Follow jwthn When you wake up in the morning, you're taller than when you went to bed.

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You're probably wealthier, too. Over more than 25 years, the data shows that investors get richer at night and poorer during the day.

How To Build A Large Dividend Portfolio In 2020

It's strange, but it's true. While you sleep, your stocks are how do i open a share portfolio the bulk of their returns.

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Image source: Getty Images. Eastern Time. The best time to be an investor is when the market is closed. Honestly, I didn't want to believe it. To think that the markets open only to make us poorer isn't a comfortable thought.

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Only upon duplicating their research did I become a believer. It really is bad to be an investor when the market is open!

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Data source: Yahoo! The chart above shows the puzzling difference in stock returns when the market is open, and when it is closed. If you only owned stocks from close to open, you'd be one of the best investors alive, outperforming in bull markets, bear markets, and over a period that spans more than 25 years!

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If you only owned stocks when the markets were open, though, you would have lagged the market tremendously. The agony of average returns Former Fool columnist Morgan Housel once wrote, "On the way to making serious money, you spend a lot of time losing serious money.

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It's a reality anyone investing in stocks, no matter what you own, has to face. The real agony is the agony of average returns.

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But you'll have to suffer watching your stocks quietly rise overnight and plunge loudly during the day. It's an unfortunate reality that when the market is most alive it is most likely eating away at your wealth.

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