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bollinger bands strategy python

Strategies are categorized as fundamental analysis based and technical analysis based.

bollinger bands strategy python

Technical analysis widely use technical indicators which are computed with price and volume to provide insights of trading action. Technical indicators further categorized in volatility, momentum, trend, volume etc.

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Selectively combining indicators for a stock may yield great pro table strategy. Once a strategy is built, one should backtest the strategy with simulator to measure performance return and risk before live trading. I have another post covering backtest with backtrader.

Bollinger Bands Strategies THAT ACTUALLY WORK - Trading Systems With BB Indicator

As technical indicators play important roles in building a strategy, I will demonstrate how to use TA-Lib to compute technical indicators and build a simple strategy.

Please do not directly use the strategy for live trading as backtest bollinger bands strategy python required.

Bollinger Bands werden häufig als Instrument für die technische Analyse TA eingesetzt und sind im Grunde genommen ein Oszillator-Messgerät, das anzeigt, ob der Markt eine hohe oder niedrige Volatilität hat und auch ob er überkauft oder überverkauft ist. Die Hauptidee hinter dem BB-Indikator ist es, zu verdeutlichen, wie sehr die Preise um einen Durchschnittswert herum verteilt sind. Genauer gesagt, besteht der Indikator aus einem oberen Band, einem unteren Band und einer mittleren gleitenden Durchschnittslinie auch als Mittelband bezeichnet.

If you want to calculate the bollinger bands strategy python by yourself, refer to my previous post on how to do it in Pandas. High RSI usually above 70 may indicate a stock is overbought, therefore it is a sell signal. Low RSI usually below 30 indicates stock is oversold, which means a buy signal.

bollinger bands strategy python

Bollinger Bands tell us most of price action between the two bands. Hence, it is a sell signal. While if it is lower than 0, it is considered a buy signal.

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The strategy is a simple voting mechanism. When two indicators think it is time to buy, then it issues buy order to enter.

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When both indicators think it is time to sell, then it issues sell order to exit.

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